Contribute to Our Wishlist

In an effort to maintain the best camp experience possible, please consider donating one or more of the items on our list below. Generous donations such as these help keep our camp free for our campers and their families.

If you are interested in donating items from our wishlist, please contact

Thank you so much for your donation!


Camper Needs:

• Shower Chairs • Hula Hoops
• Ping Pong Balls • Paracord Rope
• Paint Brushes • Pool Cue Sticks, Triangle and Balls
• Foam Floating Swim Noodles • High chairs/Booster seats
• Crayons • Card Games
• Bubbles & Bubble Wands • Children’s Scissors
• Board Games • Crayola Washable Markers
• Gluten Free Sno Cone Syrup • Tie Dye Supplies
• Adult Designs Coloring Books


Office Needs:

• Photoshop Software (Mac & PC) • Portable Hard Drives
• Sharpies • DocuSign Subscription
• Mailing Labels • Printer Toner
• Staplers • Tape, Correction Tape, etc.
• Digital video camera • Grocery Gift Cards
• Dry Erase Markers • Gas Gift Cards
• Dry Erase Board Cleaner • Long Lighters
• Erasers • Scissors
• Metallic Colored Sharpies • Rubber Bands
• 30 Gallon Plastic Storage Tubs